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Wild Planet Hyper Dash – Fun Game For The Whole Family

Wild Planet Hyper Drive From Amazon

In combining both educational and physical activity, the Wild Planet Hyper Dash game is a fun game for the entire family. Children from six to eleven can play the game as well as adults. The game promotes learning, memory, and physical activity that many children are missing on a regular basis.

The hand-held command control is very easy to hold. It has a grip that contains the micro-transmitter and receiver that speaks clearly and audibly. The disks also have transmitters and receivers so that when a disk is retrieved using the controller it can tell if the correct disk has been picked up. The five disks can be placed in areas up to one hundred feet from the controller. They may be hidden throughout a room or yard to make the game more exciting. The disks of the Wild Planet Hyper Dash game are brightly colored and have numbers clearly printed on them. They have transmitters and receivers built into them that link each disk to the controller.

The Wild Planet Hyper Dash game is set up so that it can be played by individuals or groups of up to 8 people. These people can play in pairs or as teams. The controller keeps score and times so that everyone knows where they are at in the game at all times. This is a unique and fun way to increase physical activity in a home and add to a child's educational skill level.  Hyper Dash offers fun for the entire family and a way to increase the activity level of both children and adults.

Playing level one is a wonderful way for a child to learn their colors. The disks are bright green, red, yellow, blue, and orange. The controller calls out the color to be selected and the player must retrieve the correct disk. The colors are called out in random so a player can play at this level again and again while they are learning their colors.

A number identification game is part of the Wild Planet Hyper Dash game level two. The disks have clearly printed numbers from one to five on them. Players must retrieve the right number in the order that the controller instructs. For a young player the numbers are called out randomly so that they learn their numbers in a fun and easy way.

The controller provides multiple commands in the third level of Wild Planet Hyper Dash. Players are asked to retrieve multiple disks based on randomly selected numbers and colors. The command may have the player retrieve the disks in the order commanded or in reverse order. There may be a double reverse command which includes retrieving two disks in reverse order then a triple reverse which will require retrieval of three disks in reverse order.

When a player selects level four of the Wild Planet Hyper Dash game they are asked to solve addition and subtraction problems while running for the disk that contains the correct answer.  This teaches not only math, but sharpens the ability to think on your feet quickly.

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