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Melissa and Doug Toys

Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box From AmazonNothing is more aggravating than getting a new toy home and your toddler plays more with the box than the toy. Finding toys that are engaging and educational is a plus and you can find them with Melissa and Doug toys.

A married couple, Melissa and Doug began their business while they were still dating and the company has grown with them. Starting their company twenty years ago in a small garage in Connecticut, Melissa and Doug Toys has grown quickly with great success. This is due in part to their work ethic and because they treat their employees and customers like family.  They attribute their immense success to these principles.

Melissa and Doug Toys first product, a pink fuzzy pig book, encouraged children's reading as well being aware of sensory learning to touch. Their products encourage using the different senses to learn and grow children's educational process. Since the production of their first products they now have a wide variety of books, games and puzzles for every age level. They also have recreational toys in a wide variety of choices. Their in-house design team specializes on giving consumers a classic looking educational toy that lasts a long time.

Melissa and Doug Floor PuzzleMelissa and Doug Toys range from books, to dolls and pretend items such as food and career play. Each item is tested for safety according to American standards. The company also has specialty product lines that are cherished as these grow yearly.

Melissa and Doug Toys are not limited to in home products. Their arts and crafts supplies are great for school classrooms as well. They also carry a large amount of puzzles and interactive three dimensional wooden games to. Cognitive skills are developed in your minds while having a great time. This aids in the increase of problem solving skills for growing children.

One very popular product in the Melissa and Doug toys line features puppets and theaters. These can be used for home or school. The friendly puppets come in all ethnicities and are easy to use. Puppets are a great way for children to express their feelings and attitudes of behavior while creating imaginative stories for creative minds.

You can find Melissa and Doug toys at large online stores such as Amazon. Each customer is treated like family and the favor is returned judging by all the business they get from repeat customers who are very loyal. This made-in-America company is a great example of entrepreneurship and role model for businesses that truly value their customers.

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