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What is the Price of Kinect for Xbox 360?

Kinect for Xbox 360 From AmazonIf you’re looking to find how much is Kinect for the Xbox 360, that depends on if you can find it in the normal places or not. See, if you go look at Best Buy or Sears in your home town, you might not be able to find it. That’s because it’s going to be the biggest selling item this year for Christmas – guaranteed – and they’re already sold out most places. If you do find it at Best Buy or another local outfit, the price of Kinect is $149.99 for the Kinect 360 sensor, including the game Kinect Adventures. However, you probably won’t find it there.

So what are your other options?

What is the price of Kinect if you have to look other places? You can look on Amazon.com. Though they have them for sale directly from Amazon, you’ll probably not find one there, either. But the other thing you’ll find on Amazon is that you can buy through Amazon from other sellers. These guys will have it, but you’re going to pay more. At the time of writing this article, the minimum Kinect Xbox price is $204 from one of these other sellers. Is that worth it? Depends on how bad your kid wants the Kinect for Christmas! For my money, yes it’s worth it.

Another great place to look is on . You can find them there for sure, too, but once again you’re going to pay extra there, too. Same reason as at Amazon – you’re paying a premium because they’ve got something you want. Capitalism at its best – the law of supply and demand.

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Here’s another idea – buy the Kinect 360 bundle. You get the Xbox 360 and the Kinect together in one package. Obviously, if the person you’re buying for doesn’t have the Xbox 360 already, this is a no-brainer. However, if they do, maybe you can keep the Xbox and get your own Kinect after Christmas when you can find it for regular price. The bundled Kinect Xbox Price is $399.99 (or $499.99 at some places) for the 250GB model or $299.99 for the 4GB model. At last check, there were these available at many places, including Amazon and Best Buy.

Best Buy is a great place to get it, because you can order it online and have it either shipped to you, or you can run by the store in your city and pick it up. Plus, if you’ve got any problems you can always take it back to the store for service or return.

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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Where Can I Find Kinect for Xbox 360?

Kinect for Xbox 360 From AmazonKinect for Xbox 360 takes the Wii motion controlled video gaming idea to a new level – there are no controllers required at all! Kinect uses an array of 4 microphones, a 640x480 pixel resolution VGA Motion Camera,  and a 640x480 pixel resolution depth camera to track the movement of the players at all times. It is fully compatible with all Xbox 360 models released to date, though all the games aren’t compatible.

Not to worry! There are many new games released already, and many more in the wings. It looks to me like this is going to be one of the most important ideas in video gaming since the Wii. Don’t miss out, especially for Christmas!

Which leads to the question “Where can I find Kinect for Xbox 360?” As usual, when one of these new technological devices is released right before Christmas, they’re going to sell out. That’s why you want to shop early, to make sure you get yours before they’re gone.

Kinect For Xbox 360A few good places to look are Amazon.com, Best Buy, and . All of these have their advantages and disadvantages. Amazon sells them directly themselves for the suggested retail price, but sometimes they sell out. They also have other sellers that sell them through Amazon, but quite often you’ll pay a higher price than if you got it directly from Amazon. Still, you can find it and it that’s worth it, even if you do have to pay a little more.

You can buy it directly through Best Buy online, but they might sell out, too. The nice thing about buying it through Best Buy is if you have problems you can return it to your local store. Much easier.

If you can’t find it anywhere else, you’ll want to try . There are many sellers on Ebay, and you can almost always find anything you want. However, once again you might be paying more. Sometimes, though, because of the number of sellers on Ebay, you can get a really good price, especially if you don’t mind the bidding process. Me, I like to use Buy It Now, because I hate waiting and competing with others for the item I want. However, some people love to do this.

What if you can't find the sensor bar by itself? Then buy the whole unit - Xbox 360 plus Kinect Bundle. Find it at Amazon or Best Buy.

So check out these different avenues, and I’m sure your kids (or you) will be unwrapping that Kinect for Xbox 360 this Christmas!

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