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Leapfrog Imagination Desk

LeapFrog Imagination Desk Learning SystemThe Leapfrog Imagination Desk is one of the most popular developmental learning tools for preschoolers for good reason. This is an interactive toy that focuses on the development of critical thinking skills while teaching the basic concepts of reading. As parents we all want our children to excel and succeed, but sometimes we forget to make learning as much fun as it can be. Leapfrog took care of that as well.

For any parent who wants to see their child get a firm head start in life and their education, the Leapfrog Imagination Desk is the closest thing you'll get to guaranteed success. With a child's natural curiosity and their ability to learn faster during their preschool years than at any other time in their life, the Leapfrog Imagination Desk taps into a child's natural ability and desire to have fun while learning new concepts. Watch as your son or daughter opts for learning fun over TV watching.

There are more than 14 basic reading concepts that are introduced in the Leapfrog Imagination Desk system, each of which is derived from critical thinking skills. So, not only does the system teach your child important skills, but it teaches him or her to learn conceptually by thinking through the different exercises.

Many educational studies have reported that it is vital that children develop the skills they need to be able to assess and think on their own in order to find applications for their knowledge. This is much different than parroting back information that has been memorized. Eventually, memorization fails to build real knowledge.

The innovative "smart" audio system that is part of the Leapfrog Imagination Desk will help prompt a child along when they get a little lost on a concept. This audio prompt is designed to help direct the child toward the solution without telling them what the answer is. This helps children to perform achievements all on their own.

The vast array of skills that are offered on the Leapfrog Imagination Desk include number and letter differentiation, word identification, beginning word sounds, word length differences, categorizing similar word groups, sound substitution, and directional reading skills. Each skill develops into a new skill and your child is taught in a way that helps them identify new patterns in the world they see and live in which reinforces the learning process.

The Leapfrog Imagination Desk is one of the most important learning tools for children from the age of 3 and up. Each time your child develops a new skill or learns to see things differently via conceptualization, he or she achieves something much greater than just rote learning.  These skills will form the basis from which your child will build other critical thinking and learning skills throughout life.

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