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Barbie Holiday Doll

Barbie Holiday DollEvery Christmas season brings out shoppers looking for that one perfect gift. One of the favorite items each and every Christmas is the Barbie holiday doll.  These special dolls are cherished not only for their beauty but also their potential value in future years.

Just about every little girl dreams of being a princess and loves fairy tales of all types. The Barbie holiday doll is a wonderful way to encourage every little girl's dreams. With the fairy tale dresses and glittering jewelry this is what girls dream about opening on Christmas morning. If you want to see her eyes light up with joy then having this gift under your tree with her name on it will be just the thing.

The Barbie holiday doll typically is made in limited editions, therefore the value of these dolls will increase over time.  Collectors especially value dolls that are left in their original boxes, unopened as these ensure that the dolls will be in pristine condition.  For this reason, you may want to consider getting an extra Holiday Barbie if you intend to keep them for the potential increase in value.

The Barbie holiday doll changes each year and that alone makes them a unique gift that will be appreciated by the lucky recipient. Whether you want to buy the most current one or one from years gone by, there are many sites that sell the holiday version of the Barbie doll, you may even be lucky enough to find someone willing to part with a coveted edition from previous years.  The older ones may be a little harder to find but you can find quite a few from years past if you are willing to pay a higher price.

At times you may be able to get a hold of an entire Barbie holiday doll collection. Of course this will probably be very expensive and for a little girl it may not even make a very good gift. Most very young girls want a toy they can take out and play with, not put up and save for many years to come.

Any one who loves dolls will appreciate the Barbie holiday doll. These dolls are, in a way, timeless. Though the designs may change from year to year these dolls embody the holiday spirit and will serve as fond remembrances for years to come. Whether it's your daughter or someone else, each time they see one of these dolls, it is sure to bring a smile.

Along with jingle bells and mistletoe, a special part of the holiday season is the magic of the Barbie holiday doll.  This is one gift that won't be tossed aside and forgotten, so if you're thinking of adding to or starting a new tradition, it's a great time to start shopping before these special dolls sell out.

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